Posted by: hoz49 | February 3, 2008

The Green Canoe

I built that boat. She was designed to my specifications by JEM Watercraft., and can be paddled or sailed. I named her “Vinta” for the sailing canoes of Zamboanga, Philippines. Vinta is 15’6″x35″ wide. She is decked but has a 5′ open cockpit. My wife Fe, has sewn a canvas sprayskirt for days when the waves, wind or rain are heavy. I built her specifically for my wilderness trip on Lake Superior.

That long piece of plywood hanging off the side is a leeboard. With it I can sail upwind like a regular sailboat, tacking back and forth at about 50 degrees to the wind. Her mast is a reinforced fiberglass Painters pole and has been tested in 20 mph winds without breaking.

Ghosting along on evening breezes

The sail is a balanced lug and was homemade from a piece of Tyvek. It is rather funky with the Dupont logo, eh? My rig may look a little ragged, but I have had owners of 20′ sailboats cruise past to compliment me on my sailing canoe. A Captain once said,”If you can sail that, you can sail anything!”

At least I took it as a compliment… 😉



  1. Ahoy! Canoe paddlef/sailor

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