Posted by: hoz49 | February 7, 2008

On visiting the Philippines

Every time I visit PH I am touched by the people.

The last visit it was the children who live on the Mayon Volcano road. They were running out of their nipa huts waving and smiling at our van as we descended the mountain. Dirty, ragged, not even flip flops on their feet, yet smiling and waving as we passed.

My wife said “look they are waving goodbye to us!” Someone else in the van said,”No, they are begging for candies, some people throw candy at them as they leave the mountain.”

I don’t know why no one told me about this tradition. Had I known I would have stocked up in town before we started the trip. As it was all I could do was wave back.

I have wanted to return someday with candy and T shirts for the “Flowers of Mayon”. God willing, someday I will.


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