Posted by: hoz49 | February 17, 2008

Day trip to the Farm

I am enjoying (and suffering) the 80-90 degree temps in Cebu. Yesterday we drove about 20 miles north to Litos hobby farm which is in the mountains above his hometown of Danao.

Rest area on the mountaintop

There have been a series of lows passing through with rain and winds. Four ships capsized a couple of days ago due to the wind and waves. When we arrived at the rest house on top of the mountain it was force 4 wind and felt almost COLD. Fe was shivering and could have used a sweater. The caretaker was out chopping weeds barefoot, in shorts and a cutoff T shirt.

Litos pet crocks

We spent an hour or so taking a look at the chickens, goats, ducks and two crocodiles Lito has in a concrete pen. The crocodiles growth was stunted from being kept in a small 55 gallon drum but now they have a big enclosure, yet they are only about 2 feet long.

It was very muddy with the recent rains and Fe had a hard time trying to walk around. She wore lightweight sandals instead of tennis shoes and didn’t know we were going to be roughing it.

Traffic on the road is very hectic. Between the motorcycles, jeepneys, taxis, cars, vans and trucks there is a lot of stop and go. I started to feel carsick and was afraid I was going to heave before we got back home. Lucky I made it OK but I went straight to bed when we got back. I don’t think I am completely over the jet lag either.



  1. Jose, your trip sounds fascinating. I don’t know if I’ll ever make it to the PI but at least I can see it through your eyes. When I was picking up mom at the airport yesterday (she came back from Florida) I ran into Naty and Tito Dumaual, who were over there this month. (She came back to the States before he did) did you see them? Can you post pics of you and Fe there? Love you and stay safe, Maria

  2. Jose, I forgot you were going to the PI. I hope your having fun. I enjoyed the musician story, obviously. You be careful down there and come back safe. site looks good.


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