Posted by: hoz49 | March 4, 2008

Back to the Polo

This time at night. Loloy and Angie asked us out for an evening of entertainment. Saturday evenings they usually have a light dinner at either Marco Polo or the Waterfront, another 4 star Cebu hotel, followed by a leisurely evening listening to live music in their lounge. Would we like to join them later for music?

I used to play in a blues band and music is always good for me so we hurriedly got dressed and our nephew volunteered to take us and Fe’s sister Lisa to Marco Polo.

We found Loloy and Angie in the “lounge”, it’s in quotation marks because this is unlike any lounge I have ever visited. The large room is to the right as you enter the lobby. It is open, spacious and furnished with soft chairs and sofas, like you would find in any living room. Small arrangements scattered around the space create many intimate spots for chatting and relaxing. Fe and Lisa ordered hot tea and I had a rum and coke.

A single performer was crooning easy listening music while accompanying himself on guitar. Loloy said the band would start soon.

The soloist finished his act and the band of guitar, keyboard, bass and drums set up joined by 3 singers, one man and two female.

Their sets consisted of ballads and light pop. Due to the room being open to the cavernous lobby the volume was kept low and conversation was easily heard.

My one thought was “this must be a tough gig”. People were wandering in and out from the lobby, some not even sitting down or taking notice of the band and the sometimes loud conversation of the patrons could make for a tough musical experience. But the band handled it like pros and their musicianship was spot on.

We ended up staying three sets as Lito joined us later in the evening. All in all a very pleasant and inexpensive way to spend a Saturday night.


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