Posted by: hoz49 | March 6, 2008

Summer cut

It’s cool today (79 degrees, funny how that can feel cool), but this is summer in the Philippines and the weather will only get hotter. I decided to get a haircut a couple of days ago. When I sat down in the chair I wasn’t sure what to say to the barber as to style so I looked over at the guy getting his hair cut to my right and said, “Give me one of those”.


I didn’t know he was a monk!

Anyway, it’s cool and cost only P80 ($2.00), and it included a shoulder massage!

For an additional P80 I could have a full hour foot massage. Though I don’t know what someone would do messing around with my feet for an hour.



  1. WHOA! When I first came to the page the picture didn’t show up… I had to take a double take but I love it! It makes ya look 10 years younger! If going without a hat get some sun screen to keep it safe… Ciara likes it too… The service sounds great.. Lord knows for a hair cut and a massage here would of been wayyy more than that… What’s Fe think of it?


  3. You look good Kojak!

  4. Carrie just told me last night what happened with the cut. Lol! Looks great.

  5. I’m diggin’ the new look!! Glad you are enjoying yourselves! I love reading about your adventures!

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