Posted by: hoz49 | March 18, 2008

Riverside Lunch

After leaving CuChi we stopped at a riverside restaurant for lunch. We had a 6 course meal that included chicken, fish, pork, spring rolls, shrimp, rice (of course) and vegetables, including , what the Vietnamese call “morning glory”, which is the Filipino “kangkong” or swamp cabbage, a very tasty, crunchy green that grows in wet conditions.

The island restaurant is surrounded on 2 sides by a tributary of the Saigon River. We walked across a bridge to get there and saw several boats tied alongside, including what passes for a canoe in Vietnam, a rough made plank boat that is propelled with a paddle or poled along the shore. They are ribbed, about 15 ft long with floorboards and a bench for sitting. The boats are slightly wider than a canoe, but are working craft, used to ferry people and carry goods on the water.

Almost a canoe…Vietnamese watercraft

The lunch was tasty and the rest from our morning as tunnel rats welcome, soon our guide came back to take us to the next destination on our tour.


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