Posted by: hoz49 | March 20, 2008

Notre Dame Basilica and Central Post Office

Two jewels in District 1 of Saigon are the Notre Dame Basilica and the Central Post Office. They are just across the street from each other so when you visit one it’s easy to view the other. The Cathedral is small but nicely kept and quite beautiful. Built between 1863 to 1980 by the French it brings Catholicism to the predominately Buddhist nation.

It is interesting that all the materials used in building the church were imported from France. The bricks were made in Marseilles and have retained their original beauty through more than a century of tropical heat and humidity.

Across the street is another French masterpiece, the Central Post Office. At first glance you might think it is a train station with it’s huge clock over the arched entryway. Inside is the grand hall with an arched ceiling accentuated with dark stained woodwork. A picture of Ho Chi Minh hangs at the far end.

On the plaza outside you will find many people selling souvenirs, books and post cards of Saigon. Spend a little time in friendly haggling and you will be sure to get a bargain. I bought 12 picture postcards for a dollar and mailed a few back home to friends.



  1. Great trip Hoz! Enjoyed reading. Think I read the whole thing. Took me back to when I lived in Okinawa and visited countries of the far east.

    Thanks! Mick

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