Posted by: hoz49 | April 12, 2008

Antonios of Tagaytay

After Vietnam we flew to Manila to visit Fe and Lisa’s two cousins Rita and Louisa. Rita lives in Magallenes Village near Makati and also has a “mountain home” overlooking Taal lake and volcano in Tagaytay .

On a day trip to Tagaytay Rita treated us to lunch at Antonio’s, owned by Chef Antonio Escalante. Chef Tony has converted an old family home into a garden restaurant and, combined with his signature French cooking, has produced a truly amazing dining experience. While we were there Chef Escalante made two appearances to greet his guests and inquire on their experience. He seems a warm and caring person who enjoys his calling, cooking and serving delicious food in a stunning setting.

Antonio’s is situated in the mountains above Taal Lake just off the main highway in Barangay Neogan, Tagaytay. Surrounded and infused by a luxurious tropical garden, the restaurant includes multiple levels and rooms. You can choose from dining in the garden or on a balcony overlooking the grounds to patio alfresco or in one of several rooms of the house, all of which are tastefully decorated with antique furniture, paintings and photographs.

Oh, the food? Lunch was delicious. I had assorted sorbet, grilled peppered sirloin steak, and the house juice Dalandan followed by desert cake and coffee. The Dalandan and coffee are bottomless. Prices are comparable with the experience, this is fine dining folks!

A sample menu can be found here.

And a regular restaurant review here.



  1. To sum it up in one word…. BEAUTIFUL

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