Posted by: hoz49 | April 16, 2008

Dinner party with the Aldeguers

We were invited to a dinner party at the beach house of Lou and Tony Aldeguer. Together they own Aldeguer Group of Companies which includes Loalde Boutiques, Island Souvenirs and USA Sports among other interests. Tony also owns renowned ALA Boxing Gym and manages world boxing contenders, AJ “Bazooka” Banal, Rey “Boom Boom” Baitista, Czar Amonsot, and Z Gorres. Before we left the Philippines Bazooka and Boom Boom both won matches by knockout in the “Philippine Invasion,The Philippines against the World”.

When I first toured the beach house 20 years ago it had a native thatch roof and dividing walls were made of nipa. Today, after suffering extensive typhoon damage, they have completely remodeled the house, replacing the thatch with fiberglass roofing and installing painted concrete and plaster walls. Though retaining it’s “native” feel, the house is now modern contemporary. The reincarnation was designed by their daughter who is an architect in the US.

First floor Recreation room, open to the sea, illuminated from behind by the setting sun.

Recreation room

With dramatic open truss roof

Lou giving a tour

Two beautiful ladies and a frog

Dinner by the pool

Crispy lechon (roast pig), part of every Filipino celebration!



  1. What a beautiful place! I can see fresh lumpias. Yummy!

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