Posted by: hoz49 | April 16, 2008

Over the wall, behind the gate

Many houses in Cebu have walls, eight to 10 feet high topped with barbed wire or better yet, broken glass, with big double sided steel entry gates.

Ever wonder what’s behind these walls?

We visited Mr John Young. Mr Young was part owner of Williams Lines before they merged with Aboitiz Shipping. He has since sold out and concentrated on other interests.

At one time he was a fighting cock Impresario, selecting, breeding, growing and fighting hundreds of birds. He eventually grew tired of the game and sold off all the birds in one fell swoop for 2 million. All but the best, which he gave to his brother in law and a few close friends.

John has several real estate holdings, including a 50 hectare mango farm in the mountains above Cebu, where he also experiments growing organic vegetables. Much of the produce goes to “Ginza” his Japanese restaurant on Panis Rd in Banilad.

John’s main passion these days is tending his home garden. He is quick to point out he doesn’t have a degree in agriculture, but I will say he has something degrees can’t confer. John has a green thumb.

We were treated to a tour of his home and property situated on a hectare of land in Banilad.

The circular drive is dominated by two large feature palms which are surrounded by bonsai. Pines, palms, banana, even acacia trees have been trimmed by his own hands and trained to his artful eye. Mr Young even makes and paints his own special growing pots!

He admits many of his specimens are world class and might be worth hundreds of thousands IF they were for sale. But his favorite answer is, “They are for my eyes only.”

Bonsai Banana

Bonsai Palm

to be continued…



  1. really beautiful

  2. Hey, you have something where I can get Bonsai palm (spiel banana palm) seeds
    Salik Kielsen from Greenland

  3. I just love dwarf trees. 🙂

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