Posted by: hoz49 | April 27, 2008

Back to Titays

There is a problem at the Farm so Fe and I have them drop us off at Titays in Liloan for another taste of Rosquillos, and to see if the Old Man is again there playing his Harp.

It’s Saturday morning and the Old Man is in attendance, playing for tips from the people whose buses stop by. It seems like every bus that passes through Liloan stops at Titays!

Here is a video of the Old Man performing that plaintive melody, “Besa Me Mucho”

So while you’re listening to his song why don’t you have a look around? Enjoy a cup of coffee, tea or a soft drink. Try an Empanada or an Ensaymada, perhaps buy some tasty Rosquillos for the trip home. It’s a beautiful day in Liloan and Titays is a cool comfortable place to spend the morning.

One wall is dedicated to the history of Titays.

That’s Lola Titay on the left

You have to admire her. From a humble beginning she built a business known throughout the world. And has given employment to many residents of her hometown.



  1. Hoz, if I’m not mistaken we stopped at that place too on our way back from Danao City last December. I never entered but many of our party went inside. Are there food vendors also set up across the street from here?

  2. Yes I believe so. The city market is across the street and alittle south also.

  3. wow! How wonderful to come across such a blog! Your admiration for Titays just made my day. I am the 4th generation of the Titays clan. I must say, its people like you who give us the reason to keep it alive. Thank you! 🙂

    lots and lots of kudos to your travel/adventure blog.

  4. Titay’s is one of the things that makes Liloan distinct among other towns of Cebu. Liloan is home to other attractions as well, which are more than enough to satisfy the adventurous and inquisitive.

    One of this is the Bay of Silot, on which the entire history or legend of Liloan’s name is centered on. Read more in our blog.

  5. I love going to Titays. The Rosquillos and the Ensaymada with Ube is very delicious!

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