Posted by: hoz49 | April 27, 2008

Fort San Pedro

I spent a few hours touring Fort San Pedro in the old part of Cebu. Built to repel Muslim and native pirates in 1565, at one time the Fort stood next to the water. Reclamation over the past 500+ years has moved the foreshore about 500 meters away. You can barely see the ocean now because of intervening buildings and trees.

The main gate

Construction was started, utilizing Cebuano labor, by Spanish conquistador Miguel Lopez de Legazpi . The Fort was named for his flagship the San Pedro. Originally built of wood and mud, the fortification was rebuilt and strengthened using stone until in 1738 was finally pronounced finished.

Inside gate

The Fort is triangular and has a total area of 2,025 square meters, with walls that are 20 feet high and eight feet thick, and three towers that rise 30 feet from the ground. It garrisoned over 200 men.

Shaded walk on the wall

There is an interesting museum and the guard on duty was very knowledgeable, taking great pride in explaining the displays and ancient artifacts. Unfortunately, picture taking wasn’t allowed in the museum.

Down the Barrel, glimpse the sea

Guard Shack

Pleasant covered walk

A garden is located in the courtyard, with two covered walks. On a hot day this is the place to be.

small souvenir stand

If you are lucky you will be serenaded by Ben the blind guitarist. For a small donation he will play and sing beautiful Filipino and western songs for you.

The day I visited Ben performed Elton Johns “Skyline Pigeon” in duet with a little girl (who I assumed was his granddaughter since she said her name was “Little Ben”). What she lacks in tonal quality she more than makes up in enthusiasm. A young Diva in the making?

Entry fee is a modest 10 pesos which also included a small folding tourist map of Cebu, a bargain!



  1. Hoz! You da MAN! Yeah, that’s my buddy the guitarist. Haha. My singing partner when I was there. This video really brought back a flood of memories for me. Thanks so much for putting this fellow on the net where the whole world can appreciate him.


  2. Oh, Ben wasn’t there when I visited the Fort last Jan. 2008. 😦

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